After wandering the desert for many years, the Hebrew people are eager to reach the Promised Land. However, the enemy city of Jericho stands in their way. Inside this walled fortress lives a woman named Rahab who wants to be free of this unjust city. Rahab helps the Hebrew spies, and in return, they promise to help her entire family escape the city. Everyone expects a major battle, but God has other plans for Joshua and his army.

Along for the journey, our bug friends also find themselves up against a wall. Roderick wants to give up right away, but Antoni and Megan know that if they stay on the right path, one way or the other, they’ll make it through. They try over, under, around, and through the cracks in the wall but fail to get to the other side – that is, until Wally steps up.

“Against the Wall” conveys the importance of not giving up when on the right path.

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