Ryan Defrates

A young spy with a whole lot to learn! He’s arrogant and reckless and always insists on working alone, until one day when he is paired with an unlikely partner…his mother.

Ryan Defrates Secret Agent – Exploding Hot Sauce
Furious that her hot sauce did not win first place at the county fair, […]
Ryan Defrates Secret Agent – Mega moo and the Grumpy Ducks
An evil computer genius has escaped from prison and is using the new […]
Ryan Defrates Secret Agent – Courageous Scaredy Cat
Toys everywhere are disappearing and Kackle the clown and his army of […]
Ryan Defrates_ Secret Agent – The Three Ring Disaster
Kackle the clown has taken over the circus and plans to launch his […]
Ryan Defrates_ Secret Agent – The Ninja Chickens
Becky has had it! She’s tired of people making fun of her and her pet […]
Ryan Defrates_ Secret Agent – The Web of Lies
Gigahert tries to trap the entire town in a sticky web spread by his […]
Ryan Defrates_ Secret Agent – The Strawberry Shrink Cone
Animals are disappearing from the local zoo. Ryan and his mom are […]