In today’s episode, The Little Shepherd – In the dark of night, the fields surrounding Bethlehem are alive with expectation. Wolves have been spotted and every shepherd is nervous — including young Joel and his family. Yet what is about to happen is not expected at all! As Joel embarks upon the journey of becoming a shepherd, he is afraid of the dangers that lie ahead. But he is about to discover that he need not face these dangers alone. An unexpected surprise will lead to the revelation that God provides the answer for every fear. Meanwhile in Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent –After years of students refusing to practice, an embittered piano teacher finally snaps. she has created an army of robotic instruments programmed to destroy all bad music! Meanwhile, Ryan – a piano playing dropout – must learn to work diligently no matter how tedious the task if he’s to reprogram the army and save the day! Enjoy and thanks for watching.

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